Starships in Stars without number

I’ve been thinking more about Starships in Stars without number lately, especially as I’m running this RPG quite frequently.

Space combat has come up more frequently, so I’ve been looking at all the material available for this RPG, including optional and extra material pubished by Sine Nomine and 3rd parties.

I’ll be putting in one place all the optional fittings, hulls etc here and I’ll be adding some ships I’ve built for my SWN campaign.

I’ll also be adding later some enhancements to Starship combat to make it more interesting, as I think the core Starship combat rules are a little too basic. That will be on a separate page.

Feel free to use and comment on the material.

New Hulls

New Ship fittings

New Starship designs

Class/Type: Frigate, Far Scout Variant
Description: A Far scout variant on the Frigate.
It’s not as armored as the standard frigate, but it’s harder to hit due to
it’s superior maneuverability and speed. The 50% reduction in armor frees up more space for cargo as well. The increase in speed has dramatically raised it’s build cost though.
It has a reduction in Hardpoints as well, as it’s built more for speed and maneuverability than combat. Also a reduction in crewspace to accommodate more cargospace.

Cost: 17m
Speed: 5
Armor: 5
HP: 40
Crew: 4/12
AC: 6
Power: 15
Free Mass: 20
Hard Points: 4


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