Stars without number

Stars without number

Stars without number is an OSR Scifi Tabletop RPG. It’s sort of like the classic Scifi tabletop RPG, Traveller, but the game mechanics are based on an old version of the Dungeons and Dragons rules set. However, it’s been converted to a Scifi setting.

You can find a full review for Stars Without number  I wrote here.

Stars without number is made by Sine Nomine . There’s a free version and a paid for version . The differences between the free and paid for version are pretty minimal. I believe the paid for version has Robotics and AI. So if you want to get a good idea what it’s like, the free version is more than enough to figure out if you like it or not.

I’ll be using this site to store some images I created and campaign updates for a Stars without number campaign I’m running on

I’ve been creating blog posts for a Campaign Overview of my Stars without Number campaign and a running blog of the campaign itself. You can read all these posts in the Stars without number blog Category, which I’ll be updating as the campaign progresses.


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