Dungeons and Dragons 5E; Online resources

You’ll find here various resources I’ve found online that will be use for those running Dungeons and Dragons 5E as follows:

Donjon a site for various tools to be used with 5E, such as:

  • Spell Sheet list – produces Spell lists for all the classes with page references.
  • Monster List – Lists monsters by CR etc with page references.
  • Magic items list – Lists magic items with page references.
  • Random generator – Creates various randomly generated things, such as Encounters, Treasure, NPCs, Trinkets, Magic items, Wild magic surges, Traps, Business events, Carousing events.
  • Dungeon generator – Randomly generates a Dungeon with maps.

This is a pretty awesome site and set of tools actually. I will probably be using this quite a lot when running DnD.  I expect I’ll have my Tablet open on that page and reference it from time to time or just use it when prepping.

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