Stars without number: Sector Tartarus Tau, Chapter 1

The party so far have managed to get off their home planet, with the assistance of the planetary defenses, as a Spicer syndicate ship was waiting in ambush for them to come spaceward.
With some clever piloting, they managed to evade the enemy ship which was then shot out of the sky by the planetary defenses.

They decided to check another planet in the system called “Montavez”, which once had a research station on it.
It might have useful information about further resources and spike jump routes.

The detected a comms/scanner satellite about 75% of the way to Montavez and hacked/disabled it.

Arriving on Montavez. They noted another ship landed at an old research station made up of about 20 buildings.

They then landed and sent out an exploration party.
The planet was VERY cold and stormy with no breathable atmosphere.
However strangely at this base it seemed to keep the poisonous atmosphere at bay with large emitter machines surrounding the base.
Still it was very cold and icy, so much warm clothing was needed.

As they left the ship, they were attacked by humanoid glass like creatures.
Combat ensued and it seemed that they had some immunity to lasers, but projectile weapons and grenades were particularly effective.

They moved around a hanger to the landed ship and had a couple more fight with glasslike creatures..

They then managed to gain access to the ship, which appeared to be a “Spicer Syndicate” ship. apparently no movement or life near it.

Upon entry, the ship’s defenses attacked them, such as robot sentries, laser turrets and so on, but they defeated all this.
a strange intelligence was ion the ship as well, sounding quite nervous and unbalanced.

They managed to get access to the bridge and saw a Tech level 5 Computer hooked up to the ships systems, which they felt was the source of the defenses.
After this, the voice stopped.

Meanwhile an attack took place on the ship, led by a large Lizard like humanoid and more of those glasslike creatures.
a firefight took place in the cargo hold, which the enemy managed to get access to.
The party managed to defeat this attack and kill them all.

Shortly after that, they spotted smoke coming from where their original ship was.
So they sent out a party to deal with that.

This time, humans with conventional weapons attacked the party near their original ship and a strange flying creature, with psychic attacks joined in.

The party noticed some acid like crystalline structure over the exit hatch of their original ship (the Heart of Ice) was trying to burn a hole into it.

A firefight ensued.
Interestingly, there were unaltered humans fighting that were trying to get into the HOI.
There were also the Glasslike creatures.
Ultimately, the party were successful in overcoming the humans and glass creatures.

Meanwhile back at the the Stellar pathfinder, Yasmin was keeping a watch over the ship and making a snack.
She was suddenly attacked by Kaffer Moss, another Psychic who largely kept to himself.
Yasmin had her Shotgun handy and blew off half of his face with it at Point blank range (ewww!), but she could also hear something going on towards the bridge.

The rest of the party split up.
Noor (the pilot) and a couple of people went to the Heart of ice (Their original ship) to move it closer to their recently acquired ship (the Stellar pathfinder).
This was largely successful, as the enemies hadn’t as yet breached the entry hatch.

The rest ran to the Stellar pathfinder.
As they got to the upper ship level they say a nasty looking creature in the bridge, a sort of large brain suspended in a jar filled with a bubbling liquid.

It had manipulator arms coming out of a floating motivated unit, which it was using to hook up a previously disconnected (by the party) TL5 (pre -tech computer) computer.

The party fired upon it, but it projected  dark cloud of something (later discovered as a nanite cloud) which blocked the initial shot.
Other shots missed completely.
It then retreated for cover into the Armoury, which was right next to the Bridge.

Then Kadar (a warrior/bodyguard) threw a grenade into the armoury, which killed the brainjar and trashed the armory and most of it’s contents.

By this point Kaffer has expired and Yasmin (one of the party Technicians) was very upset.

A clean up was started and healing (which Taliba performed on everyone via psionics and med-tech).

Halfway through repairs and resting, whilst Simey was fixing the Stellar Pathfinder bridge (damaged in the firefight with the Brainjar) a voice came over the Ships comms.

Someone called “Arthur” was requesting assistance and said he  had escaped from a cell in a lab and was hiding under a chair.
He said he was the last of the Spicer syndicate left alive or not mutated/experimented on.
He also said his loyalty was controlled via a mini-bnomb placed in his neck by their Lizard boss, who has the controller (he didn’t know at this stage the party had already killed the lizard boss).

The party came to the rescue.
Yasmin came crashing through the roof which was made of a plastiglass (she shot holes in it first).
she landed badly, but not before shooting holes in a mutant with lightning coming from his body (via a sort of Tesla coil like device).

Meanwhile, Nadira (a security officer in the party) opened the door and the rest rushed in.

Much mayhem ensued, but ultimately, the party was successful.
The room was quickly looted for stuff (detailed elsewhere) and Noor discovered in a computer the self destruct for the base had been initiated, set to 10 minutes.

So they all scarpered out of there, taking what they could, going to either the Heart of ice (their original ship) or the Stellar pathfinder (their recently stolen acquisition).
They now have a new team member, being Arthur.

As there was only 1 real pilot, being Noor and a barely trained pilot (being Simey), Simey was left to pilot the HOI. Noor piloted the SP.

The takeoff was done just in time before the entire base self destructed and engulfed by the storms on Montavez.

Thereafter, orbiting around Montavez in space they decided to investigate previously discovered Satellite orbiting Montavez.

As Simey and Arthur are familiar with Spicer syndicate security, they managed to break the Satellite hatch lock and disable the bomb attached to it.
Then hack the computer in there and found it was a data repository and survey Satellite used by the Spicer Syndicate.

They have since discovered a treasure trove of information, spike maps to a space station and a new Spike map to somewhere else.

They then continued on to initiate repairs and rest for a bit.


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