Stars without number: Sector Tartarus Tau adventures, Campaign overview

The timeline is 3200, which uses our standard Earth calendar.
For a detailed timeline and all events leading up to this time, read the core rules ‘history of space’ section.

Local history

The sector is called ‘Tartarus tau’
The system is called ‘Navarro’
There are 2 planets in this system, Muhammadi and Montavez.

Muhammadi is a frozen planet with no atmosphere.
There are approx 10,000 inhabitants living in several large manufactured biodomes..
The tech level is about tl4, but most inhabitants use tl3.
Space travel is limited, due to a low quality manufacturing base for space travel.
The government is tyrannical and made up of descendants of engineers and security that originally set up the outpost.
There is a board of 12  people who make up the governing body.

At this time there are only a few space ships capable of space travel and only a couple of them can be considered reliable.

The culture on Muhammadi should be considered xenophobic to outsiders.
After saying this, resources are running low and technological resources in particular are low, worn out etc, so travelling out into space is necessary for survival and will eventually require contact with other cultures (if found).
The name of the faction is “The progressive foundation”

The Citydomes
There are 3 citydomes, all separated by plastiglass tunnels.
Movement between the citydomes is heavily monitored by the Police.
The tunnels themselves can be sealed off in the event a citydome suffers a breach.

Citydome 1
One of 3 city Domes. It is the main city dome with a population of 5,000.
The other 2 citydomes house 2,500 each.
Citydome 1 houses the Government, administrative staff and “white collar” skills personnel.
It also houses the only Starport, which it self only has 2 functional Starships (meaning capable of Drilling space).

Citydome 2 and 3
These house approx 2,500 people respectively who themselves maintain the mainly robotic workforce that keeps the citydomes active and functional.
Most of the Hydroponic plantations are also in Citydome 2 and 3.

Personalities on Muhammadi

Reza Saleh: One of the “The progressive foundation” Administrators.
Older male, approx late 60s. 6 foot 2 inches height.
Light brown skin, Black hair. cybernetic eyes implants.
The resource Director of City dome 1 on Muhammadi.
He is responsible for the 2 functional space ships capable of drilling space.
He has a very military manner as well, no surprise, he also heads the Citydome 1 security.

Alimah Isa: One of the “The progressive foundation” Administrators.
Young female, late 20s.
Light brown skin, Dark eyes, approx 5 foot, 2 inches height.
Geeky looking, always carries a dataslab with her.
Oversees science and R&D on Citydome 1
Quite friendly, but distracted manner.

Rusul Zaman, A Male Director whose primary responsibility was covering the medical operations of the world.
He’s in his late 40s, dark balding hair. Quite fit looking for his age.

Dr. Ikram Hakim A Female Director, mid 30s and a Med tech and Powerful Psychic.
Long Dark hair, Strangely, she has Violet eyes.

Aisha Shadi  A Female director. Head of Security, the Policy and the secret police.
she is in her late 50s, severe looking, She looks older, in fact looks more like in her 60s really.
She wears black bodysuit and a utility belt, with various pouches on it and a Laser pistol sidearm.

Montavez is a planet orbiting the same star. Not a lot is known about it.
It is known it is a cold rock planet with no atmosphere.
A ship will be sent out soon to explore it for resources. The history records show there was a research outpost on there pre-scream.

Other systems

It is known there are 3 more systems within 2 ‘drills’ of the home system, but there are only maps still in existence to one of them.
It’s name is ‘surur’.
Records show at least one planet orbiting Surur had a breathable atmosphere and much natural resources.
A mining and research facility once existed.
It is projected a ship will be sent out to investigate this as well.


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