Dungeons and dragons 5e: the battle for the swamps

This is an interlude as part of “The temple of elemental evil” campaign scenario I’ve been running.

The intrepid adventurers and heroes are made up of the following:

Wheedle: a Lightfoot, Halfling, level 5 Open Hand Monk.
Scritch: a Lightfoot Halfling level 5 Wild Sorceror.
Makaria: a Tiefling, level 5 Moon Druid.
Redgar: a Human, Level 5 Champion Fighter.

The party, having just recently cleared “The Moathouse” a forward base for an Evil Elemental cult are en route to Nulb, a village near the base of the elemental cult, known as “The temple of elemental Evil”.

However, walking down a cobbled road passing a Swamp on one side and a sort of Swampy forest on  the other, a rather strange looking Lizard-like humanoid steps out onto the road waving a stick with a  dirty white rag.

More to follow.


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